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We deliver inspiration.

We have a wide audience in Perth looking for unique places to stay with friends and family. We zoned in on your destination as a perfect fit for our customers.  We operate much like other booking sites, collecting and forwarding your revenue.  We deduct a 3% credit card fee.    You let us know how much you want for week days, weekend, public holidays etc.  Once the guest checks out, we deposit your income into your account.

For you we create:

  • A Love&Follow Destination Landing Page
  • A Love&Follow Instagram Account
  • A creatively curated Instagram Feed that will inspire our Audience to Book your Destination
  • Share your great reviews

From you

  • We require photos – as many as you can uploaded to a shared google account – we will send link
  • Your ical links from other bookings sites and/or gmail calendar
  • Bank account details

We just need a little info to kick start your Inspiration Channel with Love&Follow.  We look very forward to providing you with endless bookings..

travel Inspiration is oxygen for the soul